April wedding

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where will this appear?


A Time to Shine

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In winter, all that’s green glistens. To arrange this moss

crystal basket,  I began by placing moss in the base for

color, then tucked in moss on top being careful to mound to

reflect the shape of the basket, and finally trimmed with

woodland finds using ivy, fern, lichen, and willow (I had to

add pics to hold some of the the willow ends in place).  If I

keep this moist, all will stay fresh and shine for weeks.

Winter Bloomers

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     I keep telling these lovely anemone that it’s winter and time

to go to sleep – but their happy faces keep smilin’ on in the

unheated hoop house. To arrange, I just added what I could

find nearby –  ivy, sweet smelling rosemary, fern, willow,

and a turkey feather for good measure. To make the willow

loop, just bend back a taller stem and attach it to itself with a

 rubber band or baggie tie.  Have fun!

ho ho ho

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Merriest Christmas to you all!

Gardening tools a’ bloom

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early spring weeds, spirea, and anemone. . .  just what the gardener ordered

spring beauties

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nothing quite so regal as honeysuckle vine crowned with daffodils

Fit for the finest of our feathered friends

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start with a straw wreath, add spanish moss, then moss from the woods, and whatever the woods offers